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Добро пожаловать на нашу свадебную страничку

Мы счастливы сообщить что наша свадьба состоялась 17 марта 2013 года на берегу Карибского моря в Доминиканской Rеспублике, на другом конце земного шара.

По этой причине на нашем семейном торжестве не смогли присутствовать многие дорогие нам люди. Нам вас очень не хватало, но вы были с нами в наших сердцах.

Мы любим вас и надеемся скоро увидеться. Ваши Аня и Ричи.


About Anna

Anna Nikiforova

24 years old>

A native beauty from the city of Samara,

A princess was born though without the tiara,

Though childhood a saint, and loving daughter,

A woman of such a breed her love'll not falter,

She excelled at school graduating in red,

Not knowing a political student she'd surely wed,

An economist by mind and romantic by soul,

At work she found Richie who made her life whole,

For the youngest member of the Nikiforov clan,

Only 24 years it took to find her Boccius-Man,

But the story can't end here as we've wedding rings to nourish,

So Samara it'll be where our family will flourish


About Richie

Richie Boccius

29 years old>

A Richie was born in the land of Rothschild,

A childhood privelaged, diverse yet wild,

From school to the Army, to teaching abroad,

For this lost soul, there was no loving reward,

To be famous or a ghost no one would know,

But somehow ended up teaching in the snow,

His Anya he found under the Interprint rock,

The key to his heart she possessed to unlock,

Unlock it she did an what poured out was fire,

As for Anya he felt a strong, deep desire,

Six months later we wed on a Dominican beach,

One target of many we succeeded to reach,

But the story begins here, Samara is now home,

Never again will these two Leo's, find themselves alone...