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About Us

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Universal Studio  Presents

Starring  Anna & Richie

Our love story:

    Every choice, good or bad, has taken me down this path, of which I regret nothing. If my life depended on it I couldn’t tell you what brought me to Samara, yet come I did and what I found would change not one life, but two.

    Six month later, as here I sit, in paradise gazing at the most amazing sunrise. Just 4 days before I marry this fellow Leo, I can recall every moment with amazing ease.

    Her name is Anya, and the moment I met her, a fire roared in my chest, a chemistry and loving desire came to life, to which I was previously completely unfamiliar.

    Our first date happened so fast and ended so quick, however the story goes: an invitation out, magnetic-like eye contact, flirting, a body shot, a passionate kiss and we woke up in each other’s arms. We started with nothing, but we instantly knew that we had each other. From day 1 we lived together, Anya couldn’t get enough of me and I definitely wanted more of her.

    Was it a fairytale start? It must have been because one week later Anya sat on my lap, stared deep into my eyes and told me that she loved me. I knew behind those puppy eyes that a soul was deploring a raw truth.

    "How can this Leo not be my wife? My family? The mother of the Boccius Legacy?" I asked myself. The answer was staring me in the face and we got engaged. An emerald stone littered with diamonds solidified the everlasting commitment we have to each other. The circle of trust, fidelity and compassion, which was consolidated in the New Year holiday of 2013. Both of us learned that these two passionate Leos had more than infinite chemistry, we are great team, we feel each others pain and with all the free time in the world we still can’t get enough of one another.

    From that time until now, I only have beautiful memories of us. Fate has tested our love for each other from time to time like a hurricane. Yet our relationship stands strong as the solid oak tree does against the toughest of winds.

    Yet the wind that hits my face in this moment carries the greatest and most powerful emotion known to humanity, once stored in Pandora’s box, yet defeated all known evils: HOPE.

    Hope that our family will be the strongest possible unit known to our fellow men. Hope that or cubs will be conceived in this paradise and hope that those roaring fires we first had for each other remain eternal flames.

    Four days from now I will marry my Leo. Four days from now I will be nothing except hers. Four days from now or soul shall definitely unite, because… bonded by fate… Richie&Anya.